The Grossy Gift Guide

Tis' the season, honey.

I am so excited to share The Grossy Gift Guide with you! I get asked all the time for my favorite things (I am so lucky!), so I decided that a proper gift guide was in order for this season. This is my first ever gift guide, so be gentle. Does this mean I'm a blogger now? Probably. Have I been a blogger girl all this time? Probably!

A little about the Grossy Gift Guide before we dive right in. In true form, it's a baker's dozen of all my favorite gifts. What you see on this guide are from my favorite small businesses owned by Women, LGBTQIA, and POC! There are even some Grossy-exclusive offers peppered throughout, so take your time browsing and shopping. I really hope you love it, shop it, and share it!

Oh, and in case you were wondering—I personally will not be making any commission off this gift guide because I am horrible at this and don't know what I'm doing.

Ok let's get shopping! And remember to place your orders ASAP to get them before your designated holiday!

1. Art

I am absolutely obsessed with Kendra Dandy, know as theebouffants, and her art work. Playful, colorful and optimistic—and lot's of faces on food! It's very Grossy and very giftable.

Here are two of my favorite pieces available in her print shop: Sassy Oranges in a Bowl and Glam Brunch Egg. Prints are affordable, available in multiple sizes, and with or without a frame. It doesn't get better than that!

2. Tie-Dye Sweats

You all know how much I love tie-dye everything, especially sweatsuits. Naclo Apparel was created by Jamie Williams & Charles (Chuck) Royals as one of the many incredible creative pursuits to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic. My friend @emmasthing (you may know her) turned me onto them and I fell instantly in love.

There is so much to love on their website (sweats, bucket hats, tote bags), but I am personally coveting this extremely soft and incredibly loud HEAT sweat suit set. Obviously.

3. Nail Polish

Painting my nails has long been a hobby of mine. It's cheap, cheerful, and fun to share with friends. My good friend, Robin, recently launched See My Toes: a vegan-friendly, animal-cruelty free, gluten-free, made in the USA nail polish line that is designed to give your toes the attention they deserve! Finger nails welcome as well, obviously. We have so much time on our hands (and feet) in 2020, that painting your toes should honestly be a weekly act of self care.

See My Toes has 25 shades of polish to choose from, but my personal favorites are Blue Wave, Dance Party and, obviously, Farmer's Market. When every day looks like another messy bun and pair of sweatpants, a fabulous at-home pedicure with See My Toes polish goes a long way.

Use offer code "GROSSY" to get 3 polishes for $45, and hand them over to the most deserving toes you know!

4. GrossyPelosi Merch

Why isn't this #1 on my list? Ugh, I have so much to learn. What I do know is that there isn't a human alive that doesn't NOT need a "Live, Laugh, Lasagna" tee!!!! Not a single one. And you know how when you are on my website, my Instagram, or eating my recipes, you are like "I LIVE HERE NOW"? Well, honey, yell it louder for the people in the back with one of my tees! Proceeds from this merch line go directly to supporting more content from me, your favorite blogger babe, GrossyPelosi.

And of course, all proceeds from our This Too Shall Pasta "Spaghetti Bear" merchandise goes directly to SAGE, an organization that supports and improves the lives of LGBTQ Elders. We have already raised over 20k!

Use the offer code "GROSSY" to get 15% off your order now through 12/5.

5. An Italian Cookie Tray

Every Italian-American family has at least one cookie tray in their home, if not several hundred. Its presence is a hallmark of the holiday for me, and all the Local Marias unite to make their own trays and then share them with each other. The delicious redundancy is off-the-charts.

The idea of sending a perfect Italian Cookie Tray to my family and friends this holiday just makes me the happiest human. Yes, I will be baking my own cookies (stay tuned for recipes), but I will not be tackling every classic, and chances are I will not be doing my regular Cookie Tray World Tour.

Instead, I will be ordering this perfect Italian Holiday Gift Box and sending one to everyone I know. The box is from Cosa Duci, a bakery owned by mother-daughter Sicilian women making cookies here in the USA. These ladies are pals of mine and they are baking for a good cause: every year they donate a portion of their proceeds and a ton of their labor to finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.

Use the offer code "GROSSY" for a 10% discount and free shipping.

6. Ceramics

Drag queens have drag moms and food influencers have influencer moms, and NoCrumbsLeft is absolutely mine! She is a food influencer legend, shares perfect recipes on her blog (her marinated onions are on my website and are a favorite amongst my followers!), is a huge supporter of the LGBTQ community, and has the most gorgeous line of ceramic bowls, platters, and serve ware.

My personal favorite is her Rainbow Marinated Red Onion Bowl which I use for so much more than marinating onions. Although, this bowl and the marinated onion recipe would be the cutest gift!

7. Sustainable Napkins

People always ask me about my cloth napkins. I have so many of them, and I work with a dear friend who sews them custom with fabrics that I love. Recently, the newly launched and female-owned sustainable home goods site, Goldune, sent me some of their napkins and I fell in love.

The idea of using a cloth napkin is inherently sustainable, but the napkin assortment at Goldune are all made from sustainable materials as well. It's a sustainable double-whammy! My favorite napkins are the Palisades Plaid ones, though these Tie-Dye Denim ones are a close...tie.

8. Spices

Spices are a part of cooking that can paralyze even the most seasoned home cook. But I say, let's spin that narrative and encourage our favorite home chefs to explore and have some fun with them. Meherwan Irani, a seasoned and award-winning chef who grew up in India, launched Spicewalla as a way to share his family's unique perspective on spices with the masses.

Spicewalla offers an impressive assortment of spices and has lots of great curated gift boxes that make gifting easy! A few of my favorites are the 10-Pack Grill and Roast Collection and the 10-Pack Unconventional Holiday Collection. Oh, and everything is 20% off on the Spicewalla website through 11/30!

9. Restaurant Gift Cards

It has been a very tough year for the restaurant industry and so many of my favorite restaurants have sadly not survived. Whether you want to introduce your favorite spot to a friend who has never been, or you want you want to treat your Mom to take-out from her favorite local fancy spot in your hometown, a gift card to a restaurant is a great way to keep restaurants alive and well.

My favorite NYC places to give and get gift cards from and to are Jack's Wife Freda, Ciao, Gloria and The Fly. But you already knew that!

10. Candles

The scented candle market is overwhelming, so let me cut right through the noise for you: Boy Smells are the best most reasonably priced candles out there, and they are truly for everyone. I love this quote from the founders: “We wanted to have products that were embracing masculine and feminine simultaneously in a simple and straightforward way that wasn’t overtly targeted to one gender. It’s a permission to harness your power from wherever you want it.”

My personal favorite scents are Kush because, frankly, it smells like pot, Cedar Stack because it reminds me that I was born male, and Slow Burn because it was developed with my personal queen Kacey Musgraves.

11. Butter Tree Ornament

Fun fact about me: I am allergic to Christmas trees. Like, actually. They make me sneeze and cough and I spend my holidays in misery when in their presence. Bimpy is allergic to them too, so I feel less alone.

Another fun fact about me: I am allergic to almost all Christmas tree ornaments. In fact, my (fake) tree is decorated simply with old school multi-colored vintage C9 lights and this one single ornament: a stick of butter. My friend Caitlin gifted it to me years ago and I immediately knew it was the one!

My friends at Food52 sell a myriad of these Cody Foster Vintage-Inspired Food Ornaments, so if butter is not the right food for you, they have a lot of other options!

12. Curated Cookbooks

My dear friend David and I spent our 20s running around the worst gay bars and the best restaurants in San Francisco. We once held a competition to see who between the two of us could eat the most tamales in one sitting, a competition that we still both claim we won.

David has recently started an online curated cookbook subscription site called TenTop. David carefully curates cookbooks by different archetypes: Weeknight Warrior, Apprentice, Vegetarian and Pastry Chef are just a few examples. You can purchase cookbook subscriptions, or buy books a la carte. Both make amazing gifts!

So many of you reach out to me asking for my favorite cookbooks and for the best book for a specific cook in your life. I am so excited that TenTop is not only thoughtfully doing this work for you, but that they carry so many of my personal favorite books. Here are a few: Dessert Person, The Flavor Equation, Vegetable Kingdom.

Use the offer code "GROSSY" to get 15% off your purchase.

13. Face Masks

Safety first but make it fashion. Local Brooklyn drag queen, Steak Diane, has been making the most comfortable cotton face mask I have worn this entire pandemic (sorry, mom) by hand and selling them to much fanfare. I was lucky enough to have Steak Diane send me a few masks early on, and I have been preaching about them ever since. Showing someone you care about their safety and the safety of others? Now that's a great gift.

My favorite masks that Steak Diane makes are, of course, made of fabric that showcase my favorite foods: Tomatoes, Rainbow Cookies, Pretzels, and Hamburgers.

That's it! All my favorite gift ideas in one place! If you are sitting there asking yourself: "Did Grossy even hear me when I said I wanted to see a list of his favorite kitchen tools?" ...allow me to redirect you to The Grossery List, which lives forever on my website, grows constantly, and contains so many of my favorite things that get me through every day of my life!

Happy shopping and happy early holidays!


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