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The Grossy Gift Guide

I am so excited to share The Grossy Gift Guide with you! I get asked all the time for my all of favorite things, so here I am wrapping them all up (with a bow) for you in a proper gift guide! Let's get shopping! And remember to place your orders ASAP to receive them before your designated holiday!

1. Food Holiday Ornaments

Fun fact about me: I am allergic to Christmas trees. Like, actually. They make me sneeze and cough and I spend my holidays in misery when in their presence. Bimpy is allergic to them too, so I feel less alone. My (fake) tree is decorated simply with old school multi-colored vintage C9 lights and this one single ornament: a stick of butter.

My friends at Food52 sell a myriad of these Cody Foster Vintage-Inspired Food Ornaments, so if butter is not the right food for you, they have a lot of other options!

2. GrossyPelosi Merch

Why isn't this #1 on my list? Ugh, I have so much to learn. What I do know is that there isn't a human alive that doesn't NOT need a This Too Shall Pasta tee!!!! Not a single one. You can shop to your hearts content and support a few great causes while doing so.

Proceeds from all "SAGE" merchandise goes directly towards supporting SAGE - the country's oldest and largest organization supporting LBGT elders. So far, we have donate 40K from sales!

Proceeds from all other Grossy merchandise goes directly towards supporting more content from me, Grossy.

3. A Cookbook Subscription

My dear friend David who I spent my 20's with running around the worst gay bars and best restaurants in San Francisco started this online curated cookbook subscription site called TenTop. David carefully curates cookbooks by different kitchen archetypes, which makes shopping even easier! You can purchase cookbook subscriptions, or buy books a la carte. Both make amazing gifts!

As a GGG special get 20% off any pre-paid gift subscription (quarterly/bi-monthly/monthly) with code "GROSSY"

4. The Perfect Apron

You've seen me in this apron a million times and I have gotten equally as many message each time asking where I got it from. Well, here it is friends! I have several other aprons from female-owned Hedley & Bennett. They have an amazing selection of well crafted, made in Los Angeles aprons that are the perfect gift for any chef in your life.

As a GGG special use the offer code "GROSSY" to get 15% off your order.

5. The Cutting Board Board That Broke The Internet

Studies show that the Fredericks & Mae Confetti Cutting Board appeared on your instagram feed every 5-10 seconds in 2021. It sold out multiple times over the past year, which proves the study is right. I'm happy to share that the RED version of this board is in-stock and perfect for the holidays! I am giving it to every party hostess I know, complete with cheese and crackers to serve on it! How adorable is it to bring a cheeseboard for eating and leave the board as a present?

As a GGG special use the offer code "GROSSY" to get 10% off your order through 12/31.

6. Goldune Sustainable Cloth Napkins

People always ask me about my cloth napkins. I have so many of them, and I work with a dear friend who sews them custom with fabrics that I love. The idea of using a cloth napkin is inherently sustainable, but the napkin assortment at Goldune are all made from sustainable materials as well. It's a sustainable double-whammy! My favorite napkins are the Tie-Dye Denim Linen ones, though these Rainbow Denim ones are a close tie!

As a GGG special use the offer code "GROSSY" to get $10 off your first purchase.

7. Project Paulie Tomato Hats with Heart

I am pretty much never not wearing some form of a tomato hat! I am obsessed with Project Paulie and their mission-based business that focuses on feeding individuals every day in a number of different ways. Proceeds from their tomato-centric products serve various dinner charities through various different products. I was happy to partner with them for a few Grossy-specific products that benefit SAGE. They are the perfect gift that gives back to a good cause.

As a GGG special use the offer code "GROSSY" to get free shipping on your order!

8. Silk Road Rare and Artisan Teas

In October I introduced you all to Silk Road Teas, my boyfriend Gus' family businesses run by his parents Cath and Ned. You all went crazy for their curated selection of rare and artisan teas and were asking when their Holiday Gift Sets were available! I had to include them on my gift guide as I am now completely hooked on their teas thanks to Gus! Even better, Silk Road Teas diversifies their staff by working with local community services to employ differently abled adults.

As a GGG special use the offer code "GROSSY" to get 10% off of your order.

9. Edy's Grocer Holiday Favorites Gift Box

Friend of Grossy, the Gays and Greenpoint, Brooklyn's own Edy's Grocer has put together Edy's Favorites Holiday Gift Box - an amazing hand-picked selection of Lebanese favorites and Middle Eastern cooking. It includes Edy's personal favorites from his childhood in Lebanon as well as specialty items you can only find in his Brooklyn shop.

As a GGG special use the offer code "GROSSY" to get free shipping on your order.

10. Sleepy Jones Flannel Pajamas

I have a pair, Gus has a pair, even our moms have a pair of these amazing flannel Sleepy Jones pajamas. They are the perfect cozy pajama for sleepy coffee cake mornings or cuddling up on the couch to watch The Family Stone for the 679th time. We are already crying, but are like sooooo comfy at the same time! Win-win.

As a GGG special use the offer code "GROSSY" to get 15% off your order.

That's it! All my favorite gift ideas in one place! If you are sitting there asking yourself: "Did Grossy even hear me when I said I wanted to see a list of his favorite kitchen tools?" ...allow me to redirect you to The Grossery List, which lives forever on my website, grows constantly, and contains so many of my favorite things that get me through every day of my life in my kitchen and beyond!!!

Happy shopping and happy holidays!

XO, Grossy


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