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The Family Stone Cookies

When Good Morning America asked me to be part of their "12 Days of Cookies" this holiday season, they requested a cookie inspired by my personal favorite holiday movie. My pick: The Family Stone, duh! I immediately had so many ideas...a savory strata cookie? a pot brownie? Sybil's favorite mug cake? Okay the last two ideas are not cookies and one is illegal in some states...I am really good at this!

I landed on these gorgeous shortbread cookies. Based on a classic “Diamond Cookie”, these are buttery and delicious and could not be easier to make. They get their name from their shimmery sugar rim, which looks like a diamond. The diamond here, of course, is The Family Stone, which is at the heart of my favorite holiday movie!

You can find the recipe and a video of my appearance on Good Morning America here.


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