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Grossy's (Pool Girls') Guide to the Beach

When I was 19, I had an extremely important conversation with my best college girlfriend, Julie. It went like this:

Julie: “My sister Gina broke up with her boyfriend.” Me: *gasps* Julie: “I know…” Me: “I really thought they were gonna last! What happened?” Julie: “He’s a beach person, and she’s a pool person.”

I had never felt more seen in my life. I had always been a pool person and understood this breakup so deeply I could feel it in my bones. Trust me, I was rooting for Gina and her boyfriend as much as anyone else, but this was truly an irreconcilable difference! Team Pool forever.

So why is a pool person writing an article about how to beach? Well, it’s been 20 years since that pivotal conversation, and I am in love with a California boy who, despite having two legs, is essentially a merman. The amount of time I spend on the beach with him is unreasonable, and I have learned how to find my spot in the sand while he … does his thing.

Grossy's Pool Girls' Guide to the Beach was written for In The Know Cooking. Read it HERE.


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