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Grossy's Guide to Eating in Brooklyn

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I get asked all the time what my go-to places to eat are in Brooklyn and what I love to order at each spot. If you follow my instagram stories closely, you will know I am pretty consistent with my choices. I like my regular spots and I like to know the people who own them, who work at them, and who frequent them. This is how I was raised, and I do not know how to do it any other way! I am excited to share with you Grossy's Guide to Eating in Brooklyn.

If you are looking for my Guide to Eating in Manhattan, it’s here.

Ciao, Gloria

IG: @ciaogloria

The perfect cafe does exist. Ciao, Gloria - owned by my dear friend Renato - is a breakfast and lunch cafe rooted in my favorite cuisine: Italian. Fresh twists on all the classics can be found in the form of breakfast, lunch and dessert along with incredible coffee what I believe to be the best breakfast sandwiched humanly possible. I get messages from so many of you who have eaten at Ciao, Gloria and agree. It makes me endlessly happy!

Perfect for:

The best breakfast sandwich of your life. The sandwich of your dreams. The perfect birthday cake.


Prospect Heights

Outdoor Seating:


My Faves:

The BEC is the best breakfast sandwich you will ever experience. Trust me. The seasonal grain bowl is always a delight. The sandwiches are perfection. Every baked good is a dream. And if you need a birthday cake, this is the only place you need to know about.


Not needed, counter service with seating.

Note: If you don’t have room for that pastry you had your eyes on while waiting in line, grab it for later. You won’t regret it!

al di la

IG: @aldilabrooklyn

The best Italian restaurant in Brooklyn. Nestled cozily in the Park Slope neighborhood, al di la serves impeccable Northern Italian food to a huge local following. The interior is homey, the food is pure comfort. To me, it feels like a trip to Nonna’s kitchen. Be careful, you may get your (face) cheek pinched.

Perfect for:

Lunch and Dinner. A special meal or celebration. Cozy neighborhood Italian.


Park Slope.

Outdoor Seating:


My Faves:

Cavolo Nero Salad, Tagliata, every single pasta on the menu and always get the daily specials. Affogato for dessert.


Best to make them in advance.

Note: Don’t sleep on the bar in the back on the lower level, it’s may favorite place to grab a last minute table.

The Fly

IG: @theflybrooklyn

As many of you know, I don’t drink alcohol, so a great bar with a great food menu is my dream. I love to eat while my friends drink - it brings me endless joy. The Fly is the perfect place for me to do this. Their food menu is focused on their rotisserie chickens, which are incredible. From there they have the perfect sides to accompany your chicken, all ready to be shared by your friends who decide you are a genius for wanting to eat.Always order their seasonal specials, they are the stuff of your farmer’s market dreams.

Perfect for:

Catching up with friends. A casual date. Large group family-style dinners.



Outdoor Seating:


My Faves:

The entire menu - it’s small and perfect. Don’t skip the white sauce. I also LOVE the ginger lime soda, it’s the perfect non-alcoholic drink.


Walk-ins only for groups under 8. They do amazing family style dinners for groups of 8-20, see more info on their website.

Note: There is no dessert on the menu. I will often head over to sister restaurant Hart’s (see below) for a dessert after a long dinner at The Fly. It’s the perfect combo.


IG: @hartsbrooklyn

Hart’s is owned by the same incredible crew that owns two other Grossy favorite restaurants: The Fly and Cervo’s. They are known for creating delicious food and energetic hospitality across all of their restaurants, but this one is my favorite. It’s the perfect walk from my apartment, is always packed with the hippest (and nicest) people in Brooklyn, and guarantees a great meal every time.

Perfect for:

Your dream dinner. Date night.



Outdoor Seating:

Yes, but limited.

My Faves:

Two words: Clam. Toast. It’s unreal. Many times I have ordered all of the starters (and skipped the entrees) as they are my faves.Oh, and don’t leave without the olive oil cake.


First come, first served. Always busy, so expect a wait.

Note: Go alone and sit at the bar, chances are you will end up sitting next to me!

Gage and Tollner

IG: @gage.and.tollner

For 125 years, Gage and Tollner was the most famous restaurant in Brooklyn. I know this because it says it on their website. But when you walk into the space for the first time, you will FEEL it, too. It’s magical. Reopened and reenergized in 2021, the new Gage and Tolner is perfection. My favorite part: the impeccable program from pastry chef Caroline Schiff. From the start of the meal (the Parker house rolls) to the end (every single dessert), you will be drooling.

Perfect for:

A celebration with friends and feeling fancy without the stuffy.


Downtown Brooklyn

Outdoor Seating:


My Faves:

The Parker House rolls. The wedge salad. The creamed spinach.The STEAK. And the best item on the menu: The Baked Alaska.


Strongly recommended. Arrive before they open to snag bar seating.

Note: Don’t miss the Tiki Bar upstairs, Sunken Harbor Club


IG: @berniesnyc

If there was ever a place that had a *vibe* this would be it. The environment, the menu, the location, the crowd. It’s all serving pure comfort and nostalgia, with a side of mozzarella sticks.

Perfect for:

All the comfort foods. Dinner with friends.



Outdoor Seating:

Yes, lots.

My Faves:

The chips and dip. The mozzarella sticks. The salads. The chicken parm. The crispy chicken piccata. The French fries. Ok the whole menu…


No. First come, first served.

Note: End your dinner with a sundae, it’s a perfect moment of nostalgia.

Honorable Munchins:

Edys Grocer for incredible Lebanese treats and lots of fun. Fortunato Brothers for all the classic Italian pastries.

Saraghina Bakery and Pizzeria for wood-oven Neapolitan pizza, pastries and specialty grocery items.

Corto for Italian panini and perfect coffee.

Chez Ma Tante for the the best pancakes in town.

David’s Brisket House for the best old school Jewish deli sandwiches.

Frankel’s Deli for their legendary bagel sandwiches.

Indian Curry Heights for my go-to Indian take out.

Birds of a Feather for my incredible Chinese food.

Rocco Pizza for a classic slice!

Peter Pan Donuts for old school donut perfection.

Silver Rice Sushi Roll Shop for my all my favorite rolls.


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