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Bimpy's Giambotta

Giambotta is a classic Italian vegetable stew. It’s a celebration of the end-of-season summer bounty of the garden, and welcomes any and all vegetables that you can get your hands on. My grandfather Bimpy had a massive garden in his yard, and I spent every summer of my childhood eating giambotta—it was always served with a big chunk of day-old Italian bread and a heap of freshly grated cheese on top. By the end of summer, I have to admit I would grow tired of this dish, but Bimpy would never let a scrap of food go to waste, so we ate it for as long as his garden allowed.

Now that I am older, I find myself enamored by the beauty of this dish, the simplicity of it, and the spirit of using all the wonderful things that our gardens (or local farms and farmers) provide for us. I have taken the basics of Bimpy’s Giambotta and, I think, improved it a bit with my own recipe, which has helped stave off fatigue. I serve it both hot and cold. I have also served giambotta with olive oil-toasted hunks of bread, cheesy soft polenta, or creamy orzo pasta to keep things fresh. I always add a pile of freshly grated Parmesan or Pecorino on top, of course!

Note: Giambotta is all about embracing any vegetable you have, so please throw in your favorites. Some other vegetables I love to add in are mushrooms, kale, and squash blossoms.

This recipe was developed for Food52, and the entire recipe can be found here.

You can watch me make this recipe on the Food52 Youtube Channel here:


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